The Jester

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”— Mark Twain

YOLO. Actually, though, you do only live once, so why not laugh while you’re doing it?

That’s what the Jester Archetype would say. Embrace the moment for what it is with complete and utter joy and happiness. Have fun, laugh at yourself, be spontaneous, take risks, let go of the past, and have a good time each and every day.

The Jester is typically over the top and never takes themselves too seriously. They like bright colours, bold imagery, high energy, and creating a sense of belonging. They’re the embodiment of everyone’s inner child just wanting to have fun and play. Jester brands are not here to save the world and cure illness, they’re here to simply add a little laughter and joy to every day.

Consumers connect with Jester brands because they make them feel good. They make people laugh, they make them forget about the stress of their day, and they show people how to appreciate the simple and little things in life.

Examples of Jester brands: Old Spice, Skittles, Doritos

Examples of local/SKO Jester brands:

Make It All Better with Ben & Jerry’s

Are you tired of being an adult? Having to pay bills? Having to wash dishes? It’s okay, Ben & Jerry’s will make it all better. They’re TV ad campaign “Make It All Better” says that just one scoop of their ice cream will make everyday responsibilities tomorrow’s concern. For now, the dishes can wait. There’s ice cream to eat.

ben and jerry's

This ad embodies everything the Jester is. It’s funny, it’s cheerful, it’s focused on the simple things in life, and it speaks to everyone’s inner child. The ad says to leave adulthood behind for just a minute and brighten your day with some ice cream.

With ice cream names like Cherry Garcia, PB Over the Top, Boots on the Moooo’n, and Chip Happens, they’re not taking themselves too seriously, so neither should you.

Ben & Jerry’s is known for being a social activist brand looking to change the world with “Peace, love and ice cream” (their tagline), but they’re not doing it in the same way a Hero or Sage archetype might. They’re doing it by focusing on the little things, like chocolatey chunks of happiness in your ice cream. They’re focused on spreading joy and through joy spreading change.

Note: keep in mind that there are 12 archetypes to choose from.

Learning more about archetypes will have you spotting them everywhere. Check out some local “Jesters” in Windsor – First Stop Services and Festival Tent – and see how they use archetypes in some of their marketing.