Imagine it: the words “somewhere within your competitive landscape lives your unique brand identity” appear across your computer screen like the signature opening crawl of Star Wars.

You’re astonished as you were just wondering if your brand is remarkable enough to hold its position in your market.

Here is one sure-fire way to find out – the finger test.

Yeah, you heard that right. Take a recent ad, a brochure, your website, or whatever you choose, and place your fingers over your logo or wherever your company name is mentioned in the copy. Now, take another look at the material with your name covered. Can you tell that the messaging and design belong to your brand and your brand only? Or could it easily belong or work for a competitor?

If the answer is yes, your brand voice is not authentic or unique enough let alone memorable.

How can your business improve?

One way you begin to make your brand stand apart from the crowd is by employing a brand archetype. The benefit of adopting an archetype is to create enduring connections with your audience.

Consider a few of the following archetypes and the brands that use them:

The Lover: An archetype that doesn’t make you think about your health, your finances, or your future. They are here to seduce you.

Examples: Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, Godiva  

The Everyman: An archetype that doesn’t market to a hip crowd or brags about their high-quality product. Brands who use the Everyman are here to keep it simple.

Examples: Folgers, Home Depot, Levi’s

The Magician: An archetype that offers a transformative experience that puts them in a category of their own because of the grandness of their vision.

Examples: Disney, Polaroid, Apple

Be sure to do your research to discover the archetype right for your brand. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at creating actions, messaging, and designs that pertains to your business’s personality.

Note: this process doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes professionals weeks or even months to perfect.